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What is the
music gym?

Trade your lunchtime workout for a music lesson or catch a class after work at The Music Gym.

The Music Gym is just like a regular gym except swap out the treadmills for guitars and pianos! Perhaps you could become a gym addict after all!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a musical instrument but couldn’t find the time or motivation to get going, well we’re here to make it possible with our group and private music lessons in Guitar, Piano & Voice.

Our sessions are run from our studio in Melbourne CBD with state-of-the-art musical instruments provided. Ranging from absolute beginner to advanced levels, there really is a lesson for everyone no matter what your ability.

Whether you’re picking up music for the first time, trying to get back to it, or looking to refine your chops, join us at The Music Gym and begin flexing your new skills in no time!


Inspired by the songs you know and love, our 45-minute group sessions are centered around different genres that have shaped modern music (from Rock, Pop, Blues, etc.). We pull apart techniques, styles, musical concepts, and learn songs along the way.

With 6-person sessions ranging from absolute beginner (yes, we mean absolute beginner) to advanced level classes led by our experienced musicians, group lessons at The Music Gym are a great way to expand your musical abilities and meet other people no matter what stage you’re at.

We adopt a comtemporary and fun approach to learning – with fresh song choices, tailored lesson content and a group jam to end each class that puts what we learnt into action and gives us a chance to play together like one big band! We spend the week working through one song or specific set of techniques and then mix it up the following week. Catch one session or all of them!

We provide all the instruments, you just need to turn up!

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While our group sessions are a great way to expand your abilities, learn songs and meet people, perhaps a more focused and directed one-on-one lesson is more your style.

We run 45-minute private lessons from our studio where all the instruments are provided and you choose your own lesson time with your own Music Gym instructor.
You might want to learn your favourite song, nail a difficult technique, or leave it to our instructors to guide you how they see fit. Our private lessons are suitable for all students in Guitar, Piano or Voice, whether you are a beginner trying to get the basics or a pro looking to work on their chops.

A private lesson here or there can also be a great addition to our group classes. Whether it be to really nail a technique from a recent group session or take it one step further with learning another song that relates.

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