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What is the
music gym?

Trade your lunchtime workout for a jam session with music lessons at any time of day at The Music Gym.

The Music Gym, is just like a regular gym however with pianos and guitars instead of treadmills!

Ever wanted to learn a musical instrument, but couldn’t find the time well we are here to make it easier to start learning an instrument or to get back to music with our energetic Music Lessons on Guitar, Piano and Voice.

Inspired by the songs you know and love, we will expand your musical abilities under the guidance of experienced musicians. With nine sessions per day from Monday  to Saturday there is a lessons for everyone from beginners to intermediate level.

Each 45-minute session is centred around different genres and popular songs, leaving you with a music workout that’ll have you flexing your new skills in no time.

With state-of-the-art musical instruments provided; Music Sessions take place in the surrounds of a brand new studio space in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Studies show learning an instrument has many benefits, from boosting memory and mental to alertness, to increasing creativity and relieving stress – making classes an ideal knock-off or lunchtime activity for city workers.

Achieve your
Music Goals

Our talented Music Gym instructors lead the 45 minute Music Sessions, supporting each member to reach their music goals.

We provide Guitar, Piano and Voice lessons in musical styles that most interest you (from Rock, Pop, Blues, etc.). All the instruments are here, you just need to turn up!

Much more than a music lesson, our Music Sessions adopt a contemporary, professional and fun approach to learning. We pump up the energy levels, provide fresh song choices and offer you the ultimate musical workout – to expand your artistic abilities and inspire you from one week to the next.

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