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Guitar / Piano / Voice Lessons

The Music Gym offers Adult Group & Private Music Lessons in Guitar, Piano and Voice/ Singing.

More than a music lesson – our sessions feature warm-up exercises, a program of coaching and instruction, individual playing, and energised, group-based practice to finish on a high note!

Our specialty Beginner classes are designed for those ready to pick up the instrument for the first time and start learning to play… and yes, we mean absolute beginner!


If you’re starting out or are a more experienced guitar player, we have a Music Session that’s right for you!
Delivering an efficient and effective program to improve your guitar playing, we get to the heart of the techniques you need to know for playing your favourite songs.

Our Guitar Sessions cover a variety of styles and techniques that have shaped modern music from Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk etc. We lead our session on Taylor acoustic guitars and Fender electric guitar and interchange between them every week.

In our beginner classes, we cover everything from square one! This includes learning the basics, reading notation and TAB, playing open chords, basic riffs and simple strumming patterns. As our classes progress we begin introducing more complexity with lead guitar work, finger-picking, scales, music theory and more. For more intermediate level players, we dive a little deeper. Covering melodic and syncopated phrasing, slides, hammer-ons & pull-offs, right and left-hand tapping, intermediate looping techniques etc.

To give these concepts & techniques a sense of real application, we learn popular songs that famously use these techniques in each class, ending every class with a group jam that puts what we learnt into practice. We focus on the one song & set of techniques for each week per class and then move on to a new skill the following week. So not only will you be learning the skills you need to improve, but you’ll be learning some of your favourite songs along the way!


At The Music Gym, we break down the complexity of playing the Piano and present it in simple terms that even the most inexperienced can understand.
Our Piano Sessions cover everything from the basics of hand position and good posture through to playing melodies and complete songs.

Song choices for our Piano Sessions are carefully arranged for different experience levels with Piano Sessions for Beginner to Intermediate players.

Piano Sessions start with warm-up exercises and progress on to scales and arpeggios, theory and tips on how to read music notation.

We amp up the Piano Sessions with inspiring keyboard chords, inversions and chord progressions – applied in a variety of music styles including rock, pop, classic rock, blues, R&B and more!

Our experienced Instructors and Group-Based learning environment will keep you motivated, sessions energised and make learning the Piano far more engaging and enjoyable.


Whether you want to front a band, join a choir, prepare for an audition, sing at your wedding, or merely find the inner confidence that comes from singing your favourite songs in a supportive group environment, The Music Gym is the place for you!
Learning to sing not only provides confidence but also helps develop a commanding speaking voice, so Voice Sessions should also be considered by those that need to present publicly as part of their day job.

You’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, useful tips on how to a harness the energy of your audience, ways to overcome performance anxiety, to connect with your listeners and to express yourself with confidence.

Our experienced Voice Instructors will help improve your singing performance in all styles of music, from contemporary expression techniques to the art of jazz improvisation, which has a unique sense of timing and swing!

Discover songs from classic artists like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Norah Jones, Janis Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone..right through to the modern day!


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